Jimi Hendrix Live at the LA Forum, April 26, 1969

Absolutely smoking live Hendrix in pristine, crispy soundboard goodness.  Jimi was in a good mood, the crowd was rowdy and the band was tight.  The between song tuning-up, banter and joking with the audience really give the feeling of being there and provide some insight into Hendrix as a person.  Rumor has it that he was working on mixes of this show to release as a live album just before he died.  This version was put out by now defunct bootleg label Radioactive Records in 2005.  The music sounds as fresh as the day it was created.  Definitely one for the headphones..

Jimi Hendrix Live at the LA Forum April 26, 1969

Label: Radioactive Records
Released: 2005

Jimi Hendrix – guitar/vocals
Mitch Mitchell – drums
Noel Redding – bass/vocals

1.      Intro                                    (2:30)
2.     Tax Free                              (15:40)
3.     Foxy Lady                           (5:00)
4.     Red House                          (10:54)
5.     Spanish Castle Magic        (11:27)
6.     Star Spangled Banner        (2:21)
7.     Purple Haze                        (6:39)
8.     I Don’t Live Today            (6:40)
9.     Voodoo Chile                      (10:00)
10.   Sunshine Of Your Love     (1:54)
11.    Voodoo Chile (Reprise)    (5:40)

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  1. grifftrain says:

    this is an excellent show. nice post

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